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Infinite Power Solutions


The LiTE*STAR Battery can be manufactured in small chip-like formats or flexible formats depending on the application. A LiTE*STAR microbattery can be integrated with the electronics in thin profiles occupying less than 1cm2 in total area (less than 10% of the total electronics package in many applications).

Main Features:

•    Reversible Solid State Cell Chemistry
•    Superior Cycle Life
•    High Energy Density
•    Engineered High Voltage Cell
•    Thin-Film Flexible Form Factor
•    All Solid-State Construction

Charging Methods:

The rechargeability feature of the LiTE*STAR battery is critical for many applications. A micro Ampere-Hour battery offers several unique recharge characteristics that allow innovative recharge methods. First, the self discharge rate of the LiTE*STAR battery is very low, and thus battery recharge power can be fully utilized to recharge the battery. Second, for a micro Ampere-Hour battery, nano Watts to micro Watts of power can be effective battery recharge power. For back-up power and applications where photovoltaic power is available battery recharge is a simple design solution. However, many applications need an autonomous method of recharging the LiTE*STAR battery.

The LiTE*STAR recharging features enable a micro-battery to deliver the overall energy performance of larger primary batteries. How to best take advantage of the rechargeable cell in a micro-battery package is the principal objective of the product designer. Download the data sheet below to explore "fast, low cost, charging solutions for LiTE*STAR batteries."
Charging Methods
1) Direct Charging
2) Photovoltaic Charging
3) Ambient Energy Charging
4) RF Energy Charging

Introducing IPS:

Infinite Power Solutions (IPS) located in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, is a production company specializing in thin-film energy storage devices for microelectronic applications. The main product LiTE*STAR, is a thin-film rechargeable battery that is custom configured for various applications.

To add value to original equipment manufacturer products, so that together we bring innovation and revolutionary change to industries, markets and customers.

Company Focus
Advancing technologies and product solutions incorporating thin-film energy storage devices.

Investing in:
Infinite Power Solutions is partially owned by each of the following:
UniSource Energy Corporation (NYSE: UNS) of Tucson, Arizona, Dow Corning Enterprises, Inc., INICA, Inc., and Rentech, Inc.

For further investment information, please contact UniSource Energy's Investor Relations at (520) 884-3661 or via Internet email: IR@UniSourceEnergy.com

Investors wishing to be added to UniSource Energy's Investor Relations mailing list to receive news releases and other corporate information should visit: www.corporate-ir.net You may also request an investor kit (a collection of financial reports, SEC filings and stock purchase program enrollment materials) be mailed to you by visiting: www.corporate-ir.net or by calling the UniSource Energy Investor Hotline at 866-275-4867 and pressing 4 at the main menu.

Or you may contact Investor Relations directly:
Investor Relations
UniSource Energy Corporation
One South Church, Suite 100 - UE208
Tucson, AZ 85702

Publiziert am: Mittwoch, 14. September 2005 (10851 mal gelesen)
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